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Glass L Shaped Desk for Gaming

Do you like the chic, modern look of glass furniture? If yes, then the best l desk OneSpace Ultramodern is a good entry level choice for you.

There are three different options to choose from: a black frame with black glass, a black frame with clear glass, and a silver frame with clear glass. The black glass scratches easily at the bottom, so be careful with it.

The OneSpace is equipped with a slide-out keyboard tray that you can place on either side, so it is reversible.

Take a look at the pros

Reversible that fits on any side of the room

Three different color options available

Sturdy frame

Slide-out keyboard tray

Sleek modern looking design

Comes with everything you need for assembly

Now let’s look at the cons of the OneSpace Ultramodern

The suction cups that hold the glass in place don’t actually hold the glass in place (you spend as much time adjusting the glass as you do admiring it)

Keyboard tray wiggles lose sometimes and need to be readjusted

Assembly is a complete rage fest, very annoying trying to match up the screws with their proper holes

The CPU stand is not intended for high-end gaming PC’s, but it will work


Typically, glass desks are a no-no, for gamers. Not only do they collect dust at an ungodly rate, they shatter when they break. In other words, rage quitting and glass is a recipe for disaster.

But with that said, this was too nice an option to pass up, provided you are responsible.

It would also be nice if there were stabilizer bars, but then again, this is a cheap option so a little bit of sway can be forgiven.

The Basic Gaming L Desk

We’ll start with a basic, no frills, gaming l shaped desk built for stability and to last. One outstanding feature of the Prado complete is that you can use this as a left or a right-handed option.

What you get with this is a 60-inch by 66-inch workstation, enough for a multiple monitor gaming setup and plenty of room to spare. There are metal wire management grommets throughout, making cable management a cinch.

Pros of the Office Star Prado

Plenty of surface area

Sturdy legs

Adjust the “return” side

Easy assembly

Cons of the Office Star Prado

Somewhat high cost

Laminate tabletop

Sways a bit if too much weight is placed on top


The Office Star Prado is definitely a quality choice. If you are looking for a modern, well-built, sturdy l shaped gaming desk, this definitely hits all those categories. But for the money you will be paying, you might expect a little more pizazz.

If overloaded, it can become slightly unsteady, so please keep that in mind.

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