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The best cheap compact cameras

With the evolution of the photophones, we had to revise upwards our definition of "cheap" compact cameras. No model at less than 200 € has been able to fully compete with photo smartphones located roughly in the same price range, or offering more for a difference in minimum price.

Focusing on devices less than 400 €, we have selected these two models, which are distinguished by the image quality provided, the possibility of using them in certain extreme conditions, or the features offered in front of a photo application on smartphone.

Olympus Tough TG-5: the best cheap vlogging camera with flip screen.
If it dates from 2017, this device remains a reference, to the point that it is not certain that the new version, the TG-6, released only for a few days (and more expensive), detracts directly.

Compact, the TG-5 is nonetheless extremely robust, between its tightness at 15 meters, its resistance to cold down to -10 ° C or its protective glass lined anti-fog, which allows environmental changes brutal and its use even in wetland.

It is also designed as a true adventurer, offering 1 GPS, 1 environmental sensor, 1 thermometer, 1 compass, 1 manometer, 1 level indicator, 1 depth gauge and 1 altimeter

Its grip is comfortable, with the handle that matches the shape of the lens, and intuitive handling. At the back is a mode dial (with quick access to video mode, for example), while the one on the cover can change the aperture, the exposure compensation, or the choice of sub -fashion. The screen, on the other hand, is neither tactile nor rotatable.

Its new Truepic VIII processor improves latency and speed of autofocus, even allowing RAW mode burst mode.

This impacts picture quality, where it is able to provide very high resolution in low contrast areas, even in low ISO settings. The sensitivity also extends up to 12,800 ISO, but the grain appears little by little from 1600 ISO.
On the side of the proposed modes, some are very interesting, like "Microscope", where one can capture very small subjects just 1 cm away, or "Pro Capture", which records a number of images before and after the shutter button is fully depressed, which allows you to get exactly the desired shot.
Finally, video level, it should be noted that it was the first waterproof compact to support the definition 4K / UHD camera under 100 for video (at 25 fps, but it can reach 120 fps in Full HD).

In the end, here is a device with excellent value for money, able to justify its purchase against that of a camera, especially because of its great resistance that allows the use in a wide range of contexts and modes interesting that he proposes.

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